Sandy Coast SOLD

Thank you kindly to my NSW collector(s) through Bluethumb your support is greatly appreciated!
My pastel figurative work started out as a way to keep up my drawing skill, as well as exploring a lighter palette; which most noticed transformed back into my coastal work on canvas. As I have always said, you gotta live to create, and I feel that my avenues of exploring colour, texture, and type have truly inspired each other. Thank you again, this purchase has truly inspired me to keep up my passion in figurative art.

Coastal Jetty

Acrylic / Mixed Media on Canvas
147x117x4cm (58x46x1.5″)
Available worldwide via my Bluethumb Online Art Gallery page / local purchase via my Mornington studio by appointment. 9/20 Milgate Dr, Mornington VIC
Enjoyed working on this large canvas, which I hope to do a few more this size or larger. I also did the type as lightly as I could for those who do not get the type, but love the texture and landscape of the piece.

Beachcomber Drift

My neutral abstract painting is created for the true lover of coastal living. I create my neutral abstracts using only acrylic paint, medium, and passion, expressing my love for the beach through textures and shades of neutral.

DIMENSIONS: 100x120x4cm (39.5×47.2×1.5”)

Available worldwide via my Bluethumb Online Art Gallery page / local purchase via my Mornington studio by appt.


Sail and Anchor (SOLD)

I will have more coming soon with a neutral palette and in a small works size. All work available worldwide on my Bluethumb Online Art Gallery​ page / local purchase via my #Mornington studio.

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Go Red

I love everything about this image.

It is not about recreating the image once I’m in the studio, it is about the adventure of looking, with the possibilities of something within the capture igniting my creative side. A colour, the texture, composition, or type. It is about inspiring the artist within.


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Canvas prepped…

Busy night and morning setting up six canvas with texture, texture, texture.

Looking to get back into my abstract roots and neutral hues with these pieces, one canvas is so large it doesn’t fit any of my easels.


#canvas #customcanvas #texture #artiststudio #sabinadantonio #wip #workinprogress #inspired


Personally I prefer large size canvas artworks, more surface for me to create on, and just looks more impressive on your wall.

Created “Bayside Beauty” after stopping on Dromana’s foreshore to enjoy the amazing turquoise teal hue of the water. I did my best to capture on canvas, what captured me.

This piece is my first try at covering the whole top colour with texture, pulling the fabric down as water running down, as well as using new numbers on the horizon.